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 Departure Lounge 58


Despite living in Cardiff, Nick Fisk was a Bridgend poet before the term �Bridgend poet� was ever used.


Departure Lounge 58 was first launched on 5/8/2010. There were however problems with the printing, and after a third printer failed to deliver a book that matched the author�s expectations, he decided to pretty much give up on the idea of having more books printed.


However, finally a printer has come up with the goods, and finally, the book is back on sale again. The book mostly compiles poems written between around 2006-2010, and as the author has an affection for topical poetry, some are now out of date. However, some interesting events have occurred in the year and a half following the book�s initial launch.


o The Stone Roses, mentioned frequently in the book, have now reformed. They were listed as being on the bill for a fictitious event in the poem �Rage Against�The Event!� (venue and date tbc), along with the Happy Mondays (who have also reformed), Public Enemy and Primal Scream. Perhaps the event could indeed happen after all now, although for the line-up listed in the poem to be completed in full, this would involve The Smiths, The KLF, Spacemen 3, The Shamen, Working Class Heroes and Hole also all reforming!


o The poem �Bomb Predictor� speculates about the possibility of a bomb going off at a match between Brentford and Birmingham on 20/2/11. The poem incorrectly states that this date would have been a Tuesday (in fact, it was a Sunday), and so, coupled with the fact that the teams were not in the same league, and so for the fixture to have ever taken place, it would have had to have been a cup game, the poem contains errors (not that it was ever intended to be a truly correct prediction), but has been left intact. Curiously however, Brentford did play a Monday night fixture on 20/2/12 � extremely unusual for a League 1 side to play on a Monday � a game they won, 4-0.


o The book features a picture of a badge from the League Cup game between Liverpool and Cardiff from 2007. Cardiff lost that game, but it was to be the season that Cardiff went on to make an appearance in the FA Cup final against Portsmouth. Five years on, and Cardiff were again playing Liverpool in the Carling Cup, in another dramatic game at Wembley.


o There is one other poem that turned out to have been somewhat foreboding, mentioning the result of a football match following a suicide.


o 58 is the number of goals scored by Wheel Power FC in a record breaking scoreline against Nova 2010 FC in the Torbay Sunday League on March 17th, 2012, "leaving little doubt as to which team has the upper hand if the title comes down to goal difference."


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