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Departure Lounge 25


Quelle signifique Departure Lounge 25?

The poem from which the book gets its title is an attempt to describe an experience I, erm, experienced while sat in the departure lounge of an airport, waiting to go home after a particularly drunken holiday. I don't think the poem really does justice to the peculiar nature of the experience, and it's not one of my favourite poems, to be honest, but I liked the title, so I used it for the book. In fact, I liked the title so much, I used it twice. Or at least, something like it.

The poem in this book is not actually the full poem. It is a truncated version, with the full poem due to appear in the book, Departure Lounge 58 (due imminently). The poem in Departure Lounge 25 has 25 lines, whereas the full version has, you guessed it, 58. There are also 25 poems in the book, 12 of which will appear in the "main" book, DL58, the shortened poem I've mentioned, plus 12 poems which will not appear in the later book. You might consider that if Departure Lounge 25 was the "single before the album" - you know how bands do that? release a single before the, erm, album? - then the 12 poems that are exclusive to DL25 could be considered the "b-sides". And similarly, just as bands try to convince people that the "b-sides" are not in any way inferior to the other poems, these poems just happen to be ones I've selected for this particular book (a likely story).

I'm sure I'm making this sound far more complicated than it really is. I mean, it's quite simple really. To make it more simple, just think of it as being this book has 25 poems, and is priced 2.50, Departure Lounge 58 (to follow) has 58 poems, and you can guess what the price of it will be. I've got a thing about numbers and that sort of thing (see the info for 5x4x5x4+1) when it comes to my books. The book, Daimunz R 4E4 was also originally released on 4/12/4, and then re-released exactly four years and four days later! Departure Lounge 25 was released on 25/2/10 at 25 minutes to ten pm at The Poets' Corner, Cardiff. This was possibly a slightly silly time, being a bit late for many people, so there were only about 8 people there for it. And I had to shout over the music being played downstairs, because I'd thought, incorrectly as it turned out, that I wouldn't need to use a mic.

What else can I say about this little book? The cover picture was taken in Barcelona airport (not the airport where I had the "experience") while waiting to return from a different holiday. It was in fact taken in Departure Lounge 58 of that airport, so the image used for DL25 is a "doctored" version. As you can see, for this book it is a monochrome version of the picture, in fetching black and yellow - the same colours as the St. David's flag (used by Cardiff City) - and also the same colours of the humble bee (see poem, right).

As far as the other poems contained inside, you can read a couple on here (right), or you can buy the book to read them all. Only 50 copies will ever be made, and there are not many left, so you'll have to be quick to snap one up.